Baitcasting reels

by Jeff Nielsen

What Is "Super Tuning"? How does it improve your Baitcasting reel? Are the results of "Super Tuning" measurable or just a bunch of hype? Can I do it myself? Can I send my reel to you and get it done? These are some of the questions we will address in explaining this subject to you.

I guess a little history is in order so lets start there! I am an associate Engineer by trade and a reel repair Technician working for North Alabama Outdoors as a hobby. I am a life long fisherman, whom like many I suppose grew up using spin casting and spinning gear! I always hated Baitcasters as every time I attempted to throw one it would "Backlash" on me! I wasn't particularly thrilled with Spinning reels either, seems they would always mess up during the most inopportune time with the way they twist the line and produce their own "backlashes". They also seemed uncontrollable, as there was no true mechanical interaction preformed by a spinning reel during outcasting! One day my Dad showed me a couple key actions that one must perform in order to keep a baitcaster from backlashing when you cast it. Much to my surprise I was able to quickly master these fundamental techniques and after that I was "hooked" on baitcasters! They are amazing little machines that are far superior to spinning and spincasting reels! They do however have their limitations, especially when throwing light lures and when one has a need for a high speed line takeup. These limitations, coupled with my growing hatred of spinning reels, is what has prompted me to explore the possibilities of improvement in these little machines known as baitcasting reels.

I purchased four Shimano Curados in the mid 1990's because they were about the only high quality baitcasting reel available in left hand retrieve at that time. I am a bit of a perfectionist (which gets me a lot of eye rolling and ridicule from my fishing friends sometimes) so I began to clean and service these reels myself. I became very familiar with how the internals of these baitcasting reels worked and I noticed that whenever one of my Curados would begin to cast a little "poorly", even after a thorough cleaning and service, that adding a drop of lubricant to the spool shaft around the pinion gear would restore the castability of the reel. This experience is what started me down the road that lead to a process I now call "Super Tuning". Much time as been invested by way of experimentation and comparison to obtain the results you will read about here. In a nutshell, Super Tuning Is a process whereby you do fine sanding and polishing on the vital friction points of a baitcasting reel. This causes the reel to perform to its fullest potential by reducing the resistance it has to work under during typical outcasting. The advantages to this process are many. Here is a quick list of some of the major advantages to"Super tuning"

1) A Super Tuned baitcaster will far out distance a normal "off the shelf" baitcaster in any casting contest or real life fishing situation. A must have advantage if you fish from the back of the boat!

2) A Super Tuned baitcaster is much more controllable than a normal baitcaster as the angler can cast a lure the same distance as a normal baitcaster with much less speed input to the rod, reducing angler fatigue and giving the angler more time to thumb the spool and place the lure right were it needs to be.

3) A Super Tuned baitcaster will give consistant and linear tension adjustment throughout the entire cast control range thus eliminating the "not enough tension" to "too much tension" dilemma inherit in many baitcasting reels.

4) A Super Tuned baitcaster will increase the braking effect of reels centrifugal braking system and cause it to perform in a much more linear, consistent fashion which actually increases long distance casting.

5) A Super Tuned baitcaster will throw much lighter lures than a normal baitcaster as its moment of inertia has been lessened due to reduced friction on the spool shaft. This can possibly eliminate the "need" of using a spinning reel in certain situations thus bringing the baitcasting reels huge advantage of a control and power (torque) into play.

These advantages make this a process worth doing to your reels. Over the last few years I have performed this "SUPER TUNING" process on many of our customers reels and for many Ebayers. I have never received a complaint! In fact all I ever get after "SUPER TUNING" a reel for somebody is more "SUPER TUNE" business from them! Let me give you the results of some testing I have done in order to convince you of the practical reality that "SUPER TUNING" can give to your reels.

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